Historic Evolution of TML

The company "TRANSPORTES OS TRÊS MOSQUETEIROS, LDA” was created on 11 of September as a private limited company , held by Mrs. Manuel de Almeida Monteiro and António João Pinto to date, with the share capital of $: 50.000$00. (250,00€).

Mr. Belarmino Teixeira Hilário and Ms. Maria Dulce da Cruz Hilario acquired the society adopting the same name. After the acquisition without any property and rolling stock value, the partner Belarmino Teixeira Hilário bought the first truck, starting the activity by himself.

The company took another structure since acquired some vehicles, extending throughout the national territory.

The company was composed by a mechanical workshop where the vehicles were repaired, and the office was situated in the center of Sines.

The company acquired new facilities where is currently located, centering in them, all the work and all services, allowing a qualitative leap in the provision of enterprise. The fleet was already quite significant and covered the entire country in general cargo transport , machinery rental , supply of building materials, etc.

With the changes felt in the market and, mainly because competition has increased significantly, TML needed to invest in transportation of fuel in tanks. Petrogal S.A was the first customer in the new area, which allowed a great boost and a new qualitative leap in the dynamics of the company.

TML decided to start the certification path of quality assurance system.

TML obtained the certification of Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9002:1995, being one of the first transport companies in the certification.

TML has with 48 employees, the vast majority drivers, all certified with dangerous substances courses (ADR).

The company makes the transition from NP EN ISO 9002:1995 for the NP EN ISO 9001:2000.

The company joined the CODESSUS Project with the aim of improving their environmental performance and subsequently obtain EMAS registration.

TML started preparing Processes and Good Environmental Practices in order to achieve certification according to EN ISO 14001:2004.

TML performed the audit of first phase agreement with the certification according to the NP EN ISO 14001:2004.

In order to respond to a new kind of service, TML invests in 11 Tippers, all in aluminum with stainless steel chafer with capacity of 26m³, for the transportation of bulk solids. The first customer in the area was Somincor, in which the service consists in transporting ores (slag and copper concentrate).

TML makes the transition from NP EN 9001 : 2000 for the NP EN 9001:2008. The TML starts a new type of service that is the transportation of solid waste.

Logistics services of TML, move to the new facilities. Continues to bet heavily on the transport of solid waste dump in tippers and liquid waste in tanks. TML invests in Electronic and PDA's in vehicles assigned to the service of GALP, and equipped with GPS, about 98 % of the total fleet. The company has acquired eight new trucks all equipped with Euro 5. TML acquired new facilities in Alenquer in order to support the vehicles at the service center of the country , particularly in the mechanical workshop and parking support.

TML acquired a new tank for a new type of service, namely the transport of Food. The company has 80 employees , of which 67 are drivers, the vast majority being (97%) certified with dangerous substances courses (ADR). TML placed in the service of Linde Sogas, a cryogenic tank for transportation of CO2.

The TML, heavily invested in another kind of activity, particularly in a bonded warehouse, with the brand name the GlobalTeus. This new activity aims to boost the transport services provided by TML, as a way to supplement will offer potential customers.

The Sinesparque also acquired in 2012, began to be monetized in particular, in container parking. Despite the TML Management System, already include security, it was included in the Manual (QAS) passing its name to Quality, Environment and Safety Manual that came into force from January 1, 2014.

TML bet on one eco fleet by acquiring 10 new vehicles Euro 6, one of which fully powered LNG. There was an increase in human resources, which accepted 15 drivers. We began the natural gas transport in cryogenic containers for the client Gaslink, making it the exclusive partner in this pioneering service in the world to its scale. The effort to seek potential customers, in particular, liquid food transport service, gave results. Resumed in December the oil transport service and food oils, for a new customer. In December we held the important event "Natural Gas, LNG and CNG on Morning", with the participation of Gáslink, APS, APVGN, Molgas, Galp Energia, CMS, REN and IVECO. This event was completed with the 1st trip of our 1st fully LNG powered truck. Currently, TML, consists of 97 employees, 13 administrative, 4 mechanical workshops and 80 drivers.

The TML strongly focus on new types of services, including transport of edible oils and transportation of refrigerated and/or frozen food. With these new services, TML also increases customer exchange, some of which are important for the growth of the company. In August of this has been started to transportation of in tanker. This year the company also invests in 24 new trucks Euro 6, and 2 cars for administrative support. During the year 2015 are accepted 32 new drivers, which counts 113 employees overall. (92 drivers, 14 administrative and 7 mechanical workshops). The total fleet consists of 205 units, 2 Hard Cisterns, 1 Hard Box, 97 tractors, 69 Cisterns, 7 platforms and 10 tippers, 10 bedsteads, 1 Canvas and 8 Refrigerators.